Over the years a number of clients have asked us for bar and counter stools for their businesses, salons, and homes.  We knew that typically when someone hears the word “bar stool”, a picture of a seat and four legs comes to mind.  For us, producing something along those lines was never going to measure up to our company’s vision of creating inspiration in what we design and build.  Mark Wadsworth—company co-founder and designer—didn’t just want to fill this request with a stool, he wanted to fill it with something is profound in its design and function.                         

So, he started looking at different approaches. It obviously needed to have a seat and a footrest, but he didn’t want to support it with your standard four legs so he decided to create a cantilevered seat using aluminum, which is strong enough to create the effect he was after.  He wanted it to look like it was defying the laws of physics.  And, Zag was the unique result!


Zag is so intriguing to people that at first glance they're not sure what it is, which we think is great. They're wondering, "Is it a side table?" "Can you lay it on its side?" "Is it an end table?”, and with a little more exploration they realize that it's a seat. That sense of exploration and surprise is exciting, and just what we were after in our design.


Mitch | Paul Mitchell Men’s Salon | Normal, Illinois

From a design standpoint, the goal was to create a very simple and clean solution.  We've taken away all that is not needed and left that which is. This design and our expertise working with metals allowed us to incorporate sharp bends and straight flat planes which give Zag its distinctive and minimalist style.


Lunatic Fringe Salon | Downtown, Salt Lake City, Utah

As with many of Mark’s designs, Zag is not only functional, it is also sculptural.  If you look at a profile, the piece is made up of simple line.  But, as you move around it some of the lines turn into planes. The line in the rear leg-footrest really contrast with the wide flat planes of the seat and front leg. The integration of the feet directly into the footrest—the combining of functional components—is also a very intriguing part of the design. 

Studio Be Salon | Fort Collins, Colorado

The final result of the Zag and has become a very distinctive, inspiring, and functional showpiece in salons, businesses, and even homes.  As you can see in the pictures, the use of bold colors allows our clients to incorporate their own distinctive brands and styles into the design as well. There's a certain whimsy about Zag, and uniqueness to it, so the bright colors lend itself to the chair's playfulness. 

Zag represents the essence of why we do what we do at Wadsworth Design—we constantly seek to inspire and excite our clients with pieces that do much more than just give someone a place to sit.

Please feel free to let us know what you think about Zag or any of our other designs.  For more information on Zag, and to get your hands on one, click here.  If you like what we do, please feel free to share our work with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, The Find, Pinterest, or any of your other social networks.